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CTUNES - What it is?

Ctunes is a novel and innovative Calling Tune application, to communicate the recipient of your call via personalized & customized messages all over the world.

Multimedia Calling Tunes

Configure songs, audio, videos, and movies of your preference, to be reflected on recipient’s mobile device.

Instant Voice Messaging

Easily share Voice Message to the recipient, in case of your call not being answered, busy or not reachable.

Power To Express

Make your device a true source of self-expression, joy, and inspiration!


One app, many expressions.

Individual & Personalized Calling Tunes: Users Tab

The calling party can decide what the called party would be able to listen or see on their mobile phone.

Intent Based Calling

The app tells the called party why someone is calling, so they can decide if they want to or need to pick up the call.

Group Calling Tune

Allows you to create a group for friends, family and loved ones conviniently.

Social Media Posts As Calling Tunes

Use your Facebook or Instagram posts as your group Ctune and My Ctunes.

MyCtunes – Category, Custom

The MyCtunes feature helps users customize every outgoing and incoming call screen with beautiful picture.

Voice & Video Mail

This feature relieves users from the pain of remembering to call a person who has not answered their calls by leaving them a voice or video mail.

Manage Calls

Users on the Ctunes platform can manage all their incoming calls with MANAGE CALL functionality with complete customization.

Incoming Call Screen: Customize your Incoming Calling Call Screen

Ability to select multiple OEM's Call answering screen i.e. Google, iPhone, Asus etc.

Content Platform

Users have access to creative content created by its users on the Content platform.

How it works


Accustom yourself with the User Interface (UIs) of Ctunes, to use the amazing features and functionality it offers.

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