An Innovative Caller Tune Application

“Instead of a ring let it sing“
- Express Freely

“I call with Swag
& receive call with Attitude"

“If smart phone is my Identity,
Ctunes is my Personality"

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CTUNES - What it is?

Ctunes is a novel and innovative Calling Tune application, to communicate the recipient of your call via personalized & customized ringtone all over the world.

Multimedia Calling Tunes

Configure songs, audio, videos, and movies of your preference, to be reflected on recipient’s mobile device.

Instant Voice Messaging

Easily share Voice Message to the recipient, in case of your call not being answered, busy or not reachable.

Power To Express

Make your device a true source of self-expression, joy, and inspiration!


Individual & Personalized Calling Tunes

Set a personalized calling tune for friends and family for free*, even if they are in other country.

Customize Ctunes with Multimedia Editor

Create your own Calling Tune and set it for your friends and family or for business with Ctunes multimedia editor.

Social Media Posts as Calling Tunes

Use your social media platforms to set your updates & posts as Calling Tunes for your friends, family, followers or Clients.


Support and Donate for the Cause you believe in.


Set a great Ctune for yourself when none of your friends, family members or loved ones have configured a Calling Tune for you.

Group Calling Tune

Keep in touch with the groups of people that matter the most, like your family, friends or coworkers and set Ctune for the Group.

Voice Messaging

Ctunes work in tandem with your Mobile Network. Send Voice / Video message immediately if your call is unanswered or Busy.

Calling Tune Notification

You have complete control to accept or reject any Ctune configured by your friends, family or colleagues.

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How it works


Accustom yourself with the User Interface (UIs) of Ctunes, to use the amazing features and functionality it offers.

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Download now, a unique and disruptive Caller tune application for Android users. It is Simple, Easy to Use, Flexible and creates tremendous impact on the recipients of your call with 100% attention.


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